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The Indian Armed Forces (Defence/ CAPFs) is the backbone of our country. Thousands of Soldiers retired every year and move to civil life which creates a major change in their personal as well as social lives, due to which they face some major resettlement issues. The Armed Forces personnel are recruited at a young age of 18 years so that they can perform demanding military tasks with their peak efficiency, and therefore to retain their strength the armed forces recruit the force personnel at a young age and mold them accordingly with their highly demanding work culture where they need to go through their physical extremes. As a result, Armed Forces personnel retire at a relatively young age of 35 to 45 years and require help and assistance for resettlement, rehabilitation, and adjustment in the civil stream to fulfil the pending responsibility of their social life.

Every year thousands force personnel retried from the Union Armed Forces and face problems for settlement in society in the areas of professional, social, and personal domains, due to lack of awareness as they had disciplined long term challenging service in the forces. Soldiers retiring from the forces often face a variety of challenges that can create a situation in which veterans are unable to re-integrate into civil life as they had planned and hoped for advice, education, activities, general information, counselling, and emotional support from society. Especially Children in Soldiers families experience high rates of mental health, trauma and related problems, moreover, always face challenges for education and career planning/counselling.


First Ardh Sainik Town plan, where residential villas offer with Employment and education facilities with other civic support that may create a ease of life for soldiers community.


Providing residential support with Employment and education that may suits to Soldiers community.